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U-Pick Farm Adventure. Bring your own container and Indian Valley U Pick Farm will provide the farm adventure. The farm offers sun-ripened fruits. We have lots of rare and heirloom fruits and vegetables, along with our most popular favorites: yellow freestone peaches, Gala and Fuji apples.

When: Starting in July, once the fruit begins to ripen.

Located northeast of San Miguel on Indian Valley Road, please call and leave a page for directions and availability. Drop in guests Saturday and Sunday 9AM-4PM only.


We are located North East of San Miguel on Indian Valley Road. Watch for signs at the six mile marker.

Please call my pager (805 227-5660) first for a return call letting you know that I’m alive, for crop availabilities and to clarify directions. See map at the bottom of this page.



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805 227-5660



U-Pick Hours

Drop-Ins OK!

The Indian Valley U-Pick Farm picking season is July through December – Saturday and Sunday only from 9AM to 4PM.
– Once the peaches start to ripen and depending on weather 🙂


Be Prepared to Be Amazed

Tree ripened fruits and all fruit hangs lower than five feet – We have over 1200 trees including

  1. Peaches – 25 varieties and the best you can find
  2. Apples – 5 varieties
  3. Pomegranates – 3 varieties
  4. Figs – 5 varieties
  5. Walnuts
Vine Ripened Goodies
  1. Grapes – 8 varieties – seed and seedless
  2. Select herbs and spices – Many are free for the taking, mulberries too!

Bring your own containers. Bags are OK, but boxes are best.


Free to come and enjoy. Bring your camera. Watch and learn how how they grow!

Most crops are only $2.00/pound. There are some exceptions so c’mon out and see what kind of a deal we can make you.

I’f I’m not around (maybe I finally keeled over) just leave your money on the scale 🙂

Policies & Notes

Pet Policy

We do not allow pets on our farm due to health and safety regulations, though service animals are permitted, but must remain with their owner and behave according to the ODA Service Animal Guidelines.

  • Pets that travel with you must remain in your vehicle. We have lots of shade you can park ’em under 🙂
  • Indian Valley can get hot in the summer and fall, so bring ample water for your pet and do not leave unattended in vehicle for long periods of time.
  • Please clean up after any mess your pet may make while on our property.

Don’t pet the Yak’s – These animals are not at all friendly toward strangers. We are a u-pick farm, not a petting zoo!


Easy Pickins! – Our fruit trees are pruned so that the fruit is within reach, normally not over 5 feet off the ground. Bring your own container to pick sun-ripened fruit. Marguerite recommends boxes as bags can bruise the fruit. As usual, we have our popular yellow freestone peaches, gala and Fuji apples.

Our peach crop is looking wonderful this year. We are expecting a good apple crop too, with larger than average fruits. Galas should be in by mid-July, and Fuji’s starting in late August.

This year, we’ve added several new rare and heirloom fruits and vegetables.


We respectfully insist you do not smoke while in your vehicle or on the farm. Smoking is bad, for both you and our crops 🙂

Thank You – We look forward to your visit!


Mailing Address

Indian Valley U-Pick Farm
P.O. Box 59
Bradley, CA 93426

Farm Address

72444 Indian Valley Rd,
San Miguel, CA 93451


(805) 227-5660 Pager
Marguerite will return calls at anytime from 7:30am – 7pm

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Indian Valley U-Pick Farm

72444 Indian Valley Rd, San Miguel, CA 93451